You can get support in 3 ways:

* For emails: send from the email associated to your account, or provide the billing address and last 4 digits of the credit card on file (so we know it’s you).


Frequently Asked Questions

Sure! We can organise a toll free number for you. Just sign up now with a local number, and then contact support and we will find you a great toll free number to use. Note that additional fees apply for toll free numbers.

Sign up today with the coupon HELP to get the first month free. Then email us at [email protected] with the number you want to port, and we will take you through the process. It will require you to get the number ‘ported’ but we will help you through that. Usually it takes between 3 to 10 business days but we will be with you all the way!

Use our web app ( to change your voicemail.

Go to Settings, then Voicemail.

Then setup your voicemail in any of these ways:

Text to speech: Type your message into Text To Speech field, select a voice and click on the Save button. Your greeting will be available for listening in a moment.

Custom File: Upload your professionally recorded greeting, click on the save button and listen to your file with our audio player.

Record Audio: Press and hold the recording button to create your custom recorded voicemail greeting, save and listen on a Custom File tab.
The last saved file will be auto-applied as your Voicemail custom greeting file and will be active right away.

On our web app (, click on Settings then Invoices.

You will find there all your Invoices.  You can see or download them in PDF format.

Under Recurring Charges, you will see your plan, i.e. Good Plan – $14.99, and Numbers.

All applicable taxes and fees will be presented under the Taxes & Fees section of your Invoice.

Yes, Phone by comes with both a mobile app for when you are on the go, as well as a full-featured online desktop app, which allows you to manage your communications in the comfort of your office or home.

Simply sign up then go to:


If you use a local number, then yes, you can send MMS messages, as well as group messages, and include attachments of all media types. Please note: MMS is not supported by the Android app at this time, use our web app ( to send MMS messages instead.

Besides required government taxes and surcharges, there are no other costs. Fees and taxes will be available before you checkout, after you enter your billing address.

Yes, you can configure Phone by to use your WiFi or Data, also known as “VoIP”. This way you can make and receive calls while traveling without incurring cellular roaming costs.

Simply open up your app and go to Settings > Calls > Call Mode to set the app in VoIP mode.

By default Phone by is configured to make and receive calls using your cellular network, as cellular networks are more reliable than data or WiFi. However, since most cell plans today offer unlimited minutes, this should not impact your bill.

If you have limited minutes and prefer to use data or WiFi, simply change this in your app under Settings > Calls > Call Mode.  This mode can also be helpful while you travel, if you are on WiFi and want to avoid cellular roaming minutes.